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Please find our Press Release below, as well as a selection of screenshots. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Catriona Barry / Email: catriona@trakax.com
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Press Release

HighAndes releases new version of their multimedia editing suite, trakAxPC.

Dublin, Ireland. Aug 2012.

HighAndes have announced the release of a new updated version of their multimedia editing software trakAxPC. Notable features in this upgrade include support for AVCHD, .MOV and MTS file formats, full network support and a new photo slideshow creation tool. The new version of trakAxPC (Version 4) is available to download now from trakAx.com.

Version 4 marks a significant upgrade for trakAxPC and with the addition of AVCHD, .MOV and FLV file formats, trakAxPC has expanded its offering to include all the most popular file formats available on cameras and camcorders today. With the introduction of the new photo slideshow creator, users can create a fully featured photo slideshow which include effects, transitions and multiple audio files. Built into the software is a new content management system which allows users to view files and folders, as well as organise, copy, move and delete them quickly and easily, without having to leave the application.

The new integrated thumbnail display allows users to view all their video and photo files as thumbnails, allowing media to be found quickly. Other new features include support for transparent images such as PNGs and GIFs, as well as improved photo and video transitions.

Another significant update is network support. Users now have the ability to access all computers on a single network, as well as any external storage devices. This feature is beneficial for schools, businesses and home users with multiple machines. One machine or device can now act as a media server to store all the media content for a home, class or department. This feature also allows teachers and parents to monitor and control access to all media content being used.

trakAxPC is optimised to run on lower specification PCs, allowing users with older PCs to play and edit CPU intensive video files, in particular large AVCHD and .MOV files.

TrakAxPC is targeted at three specific markets - consumers, education and small businesses. The software is aimed at users with basic editing skills who are looking to create professional multimedia content at an affordable price. With a designated resource area for teachers which include sample lessons and ideas, trakAxPC can be used in schools to create interesting and stimulating classes. For small businesses, with limited marketing budgets, trakaxbusiness.com provides the resources and tools to create unique marketing videos. Through detailed examples and interactive tutorials, the site shows companies how to use online videos to promote and market their business, products, and services.

Jim Barry, CEO of HighAndes, stated “With support for AVCHD and .MOV file formats, a new photo slideshow creator and software optimised for lower spec PCs, this new upgrade is a major advancement in the trakAxPC product offering. Home users, education centres and small businesses can now access a fully featured professional multimedia editing suite at an affordable price.” To view the list of features please see – www.trakax.com/software/pc/features/. Costing $54.95, the new version of trakAxPC is available to download now from trakAx.com.

HighAndes Limited, the company behind trakAxPC, is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It develops, distributes, and licenses sophisticated multimedia-creation software and professional content bundles for PCs and mobile devices.

For more information, please contact Catriona Barry.

Catriona Barry / Email: catriona@trakax.com
Skype: catrionabarry / trakax.com/twitter / facebook.com/trakax

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