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Thursday, May 26, 2011
Music videos using trakAxPC

We received some exciting new music videos from two of our users, Daniel West Young and Gavin McMahon, who are young and extremely talented.

In the first video by Daniel, we have an uplifting track with piano and synth rifts and a dubstep style guitar pedal for effects. Here he uses the collage feature to great effect and fades in and out of him creating the track and screen captures of the software he uses. To learn more about collaging, click here

In the second video by Gavin, we have a more dark and foreboding song. This superb song is an original and written by Gavin himself. And to the keen eyed observer, you will notice Gavin is also playing the guitar in the same video. Again Gavin is using the Collage feature to great effect here. To learn more about collaging, click here

Really great work guys and hope to share more work from these two soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
“Customer of the Month” Video for Pedro Sousa Hairdressers.

Here is an excellent video created with trakAxPC by one of our users, Marcos Castro, who created this promotional video for Pedro Sousa Hairdressers. The video was created to highlight the “Customer of the Month” promotion running within the salon. This kind of idea is great for any small business as you can reward customers for their loyalty, receive customer testimonials, as well as promote and advertise your company on your blog or social media sites.

Marcos implemented some simply camera techniques when recording his footage which really gives the video that professional look. You can check out these techniques by clicking here. Great job Marcos and thanks for sharing your video with us.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
73 Social Media and Technology Resources for Small Businesses

For all small businesses out there, here are some excellent social media and technology resources which have been complied by Mashable and may be invaluable to your company.

The resources cover topics such as Social Media, Business, Start-ups, Tech & Gadgets, Marketing & Advertising and more. Check out the link provided to see if any of these resources could be beneficial for your business.

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