MovieExpress Features

  • Create Movies, Ringtones & Photo Slideshows

    Three applications in one. Easy to use. Unlike other applications, trakAx MovieExpress allows you to edit and mix audio, video and photos, so you do not have to purchase additional software for your mobile.

  • Mix on the Fly

    Unlike other application with fiddly timelines that are hard to see on smaller screens, with trakAx MovieExpress mix on the fly - what you see is what you get.

  • Add Text and Credits

    Add Text Overlays as well as start and end credits to your videos. Control Sizings, Placements, Colours, Backgrounds and more

  • Slideshow Creator

    Create a slideshow - give life to all those photos stored on your phone! Add crossfades, effects, transitions and more quickly and easily.

  • Make Edits

    Use the audio and video editor to cut samples to remix your favourite tracks or make detailed edits to audio tracks, narrations or video clips.

  • Crop Photos on your phone

    Crop Photos

    Use the cropping feature to just use the part of the photo you really want and zoom into the really important elements.

  • Crop Photos on your phone

    Ken Burns Effect

    Give life to your photos by panning and zooming across the photos for extra movement.

  • Export to Popular File Formats

    trakAxPC allows you to export your mix popular file formats and share with friends, family and even the world.

  • Effects

    Add the finishing touches to your video and music mixes with a great selection of video and audio effects.

  • Transitions

    Progress from one scene to the other smoothly with our selection of transitions

  • Slow Mo / Fast Forward Effects

    Slow Mo / Fast Forward Effects

    Add cool slow motion and fast forward effects - really great fun when playing back your videos.

  • Control Tempos

    Control Tempos

    Control the tempo of your audio - get chipmunk voices or super slow audio!

  • Control Individual Volumes

    Control Individual Volumes

    With trakAx MovieExpress you can control the volume of each track. Got some fuzzy audio with your video? No problem, simply turn down the volume and replace it with a soundtrack and / or narration

  • Control Individual Volumes

    Filter your Media

    Searching for your files couldn't be easier with trakAx MovieExpress - filter by audio, video or photos files or know when you recorded the media? Search by date and month.

  • Drag and Drop Technology

    Drag and Drop Technology

    Know how to Drag and Drop? Then you know how to use trakAx MovieExpress. Drag and drop your video clips, photos and music tracks onto the tracks for mixing. It couldn't be simplier.

Sounds Interesting?

If you would like to be notified when trakAx MovieExpress will be made available, please contact us to sign up for updates.