Introducing trakAx MovieExpress

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Introducing the revolutionary features of trakAx MovieExpress, the ultimate multimedia editing and mixing suite for mobile devices. Harnessing the power of great cameras and video functionality, trakAx MovieExpress empowers you to be creative with your media on the go.

Coming Soon for Android Devices

Rethinking Editing on the Move

Designed specifically to be creative on the go, trakAx MovieExpress does not have fiddly timelines and controls, but enables you to create an interesting mix on the fly. So whether you are on a bus, a train or having a coffee, you can create a video quickly and easily.

For Android & bada Smartphones

trakAx MovieExpress is now available for the Samsung Wave 3 device - visit the Samsung Store to download.

The release date for the Android version will be announced as soon as possible.

For more information on trakAx MovieExpress, partnering with us or any suggestions, please do not hesitate contact us.