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View Category:Envelopes -> Inserting Nodes to manipulate the Volume & Pan Levels


The shape of an envelope will dictate how smoothly or sharply the selected function is applied between nodes.

The envelope shape and the positioning of nodes on the envelope will display how the levels of Volume or Pan are applied to the track.

Whilst a node is being moved, an indicator window pops-up at the node position to display the movement of the envelope away from its default position.

To insert a node on a Volume or Pan envelope, right click on the envelope and select insert node. These nodes can be moved to other positions on the envelope to change the level of the volume or pan at that point on the track.

The shape of the envelope between nodes can be changed by right clicking on the envelope and selecting a variety of fade types such as linear, smooth, etc.

Watch Video: Inserting Nodes to manipulate the Volume & Pan Levels